Key steps in renovating your home in Singapore – Part 2 – Consistent Theme

After you collect keys for your new house, the next thing you probably will do is renovation. Parc Central Residences will share with you Key steps in renovating your house Singapore.

Focus on a theme and renovate consistent with it

One common mistake home renovators face again and again is that if they’re renovating on a section by section basis is that they tend to wing it. They basically would look at what would look good in a particular room and just focus on that interior space.

They quickly forget that that room is connected to other interior living spaces. All these then form a united unit called your condominium. There has to be a consistent theme. Even if it’s downplayed in one room and not the other, there has to be some sort of a thematic connection as you go from room to room.

You wouldn’t want to live in a place where one room looks like the 1800’s Paris, France and then another room takes you to medieval Tokyo. The change in ambiance, atmosphere, and mood is just too abrupt and confusing.

Keep this in mind because when you’re renovating on a section by section basis, it’s too easy to get absorbed or drawn into just one room at a time and you lose sight of the overall theme that you are trying to project.

Open Kitchen illustrations

Be clear on deadlines

Contractors can be very flighty when it comes to deadlines. This is especially true if they, in any way, perceive that you’re putting a lot of deadline pressure on them. You have to understand that Singapore contractors aim to please.

They’re very professional, they get the job done, and they work at the highest quality standards. With that said though, they are sensitive to timeline pressure. If you are very pushy or you come off like that, there may be a confusing delivery schedule.

In other words, don’t be surprised if a contractor who’s eager to please you gives you an unrealistic date. You know it, they know it, it’s as if there’s an 800-pound elephant in the room, but nobody wants to look at it on an eye to eye basis. It’s as if everybody’s just walking on eggshells, pretending that that elephant doesn’t exist.

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