Key steps in renovating your home in Singapore – Part 3 – Design Discretion

After you collect keys for your new house, the next thing you probably will do is renovation. Parc Central Residences will share with you Key steps in renovating your house Singapore.

Set the right expectation

So, the deadline comes, and it goes. What do you do then? Do yourself a big favor. If you don’t want to feel let down, make sure that you set the right expectations. Give the contractor a lot of room to move or some leeway. If they are true professionals, they can give you a realistic date so you can then set your expectations and assumptions accordingly.

Make no mistake, it’s going to be very hard to be disappointed if you have the right expectations.


Be clear about design discretion

Let me be blunt. A lot of homeowners, regardless of whether they live in Singapore or halfway around the world, somehow, someway, expect that their contractor or interior decorator reads minds. That’s impossible.

You may come up with a broad theme, but don’t think that your professional interior decorators, as experienced and talented as they may be, could know all the possible details of your instructions. It’s one thing to set up broad parameters. It’s another to expect pinpoint accuracy as far as what you had in mind is concerned.

People don’t read minds. They never could. It’s unfair for you to insist that your contractor or interior decorator figure out what they need to do. It doesn’t work that way. The more explicit you are in terms of your expectations, and what these interior spaces should look like, the higher the chances that you will walk away happy.

Everybody has to lay down their cards on the table. Do not hide anything. If you have a certain preference, let it be known. Don’t expect your contractor, regardless of how professional they are, to figure out what you’re thinking. That’s simply not going to happen.

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