Open kitchen concept part 1 – promotes larger space and better communication

This is the part 1 of Open Kitchen sharing by Parc Central Residences. Please stay tuned on this luxury executive condominium property brought to you by Hoi Hup & Sunway.

Nowadays as people pay more and more attention to the lifestyle, open kitchen concept becomes increasingly popular. It can increase the sense of space in the house, also promote communication between people.

Newly built private condominiums and executive condominiums are smaller in size. Most of the kitchens are located close to the gates, which is different from the old design in which the kitchen leaned into the house.

Open Kitchen 1

In order to make the space look more spacious, some homeowners choose to knock off the walls and add a bar or island to integrate the kitchen and living room space into the currently popular open kitchen. Open kitchens usually have islands. This design allows people to better communicate with each other in the living room or dining room. Some interior designers found that the number of clients demanding open kitchen designs has increased over the past two years. Most of them are young couples. This is related to their more frequent meals outside or fashion hobbies such as baking.

The open kitchen makes the house look bigger and more beautiful. Now many families don’t cook at home, and homeowners don’t need to worry about the smell of soot coming to the living room.

Culinary enthusiasts want to create pleasant kitchens and have a place where they can show their skills. The atmosphere created by open kitchens is therefore favored by this group of people. Modern people are trending towards home design, and cooking is very popular. These people want to try new recipes. They want to create a kitchen for the whole family.

The whoe family can happily chatting and preparing meals. The kitchen and living room have become the real focus of the family. Reading, working, eating and talking are all in the area. People who cook can cook and bake while chatting and watching TV with families. The kitchen work will never be boring.

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