SOLO office: Four reasons to choose SOLO

This is the part 2 of SOLO office sharing by Parc Central Residences. Please stay tuned on this luxury executive condominium property in Tampines Ave 10.

With the gradual evolution of work concepts and the modern economy, our working space is also changing. Inspired by the Loft duplex apartment, the SOLO office perfectly interprets the 21st century entrepreneurs’ emphasis on creativity, enthusiasm, innovation, work and life balance with its unique architectural characteristics.

Effective space with high ceiling

Compared with ordinary offices of the same size, SOLO offices give you 40% more space through high ceiling (5 meters high on the unit level) and column-free space design.

Space design unlimited creativity

Open space for you to decide, subjected to your creativity. High walls make product display or art furnishing perfect. Pillar-free layout allows free layout. Want to set up a collaborative space in the center of the office, put a bean bag sofa or billiard table? Just do it!

Stay tuned for Parc Central Residences Price. Interested buyers can now look at the CPF Housing Grants for EC /EC Eligibilities and book appointment to view the Parc Central Residences showflat which will be ready in H2 2020. Meanwhile, you can check out more information at CPF website if you plan to use CPF for down payment  or installment.

Big windows and bright lights

If you like natural light, you will definitely fall in love with the large glass windows of the SOLO office. Bathe in plenty of daylight, enjoy the wide view, enhance your mood, and capture great inspiration. This is the beauty of windows. Moreover, natural light also helps regulate the body’s biological clock, making sleep more sweet.

High ceilings add color

The good news for creative businesses and startups Рaccording to a business design website, there is evidence that high ceilings can stimulate thinking activities. So, the SOLO office can even help you think out of the box and overcome business problems! Choosing SOLO is not alone. On the contrary, you will find like-minded friends, join a vibrant community, and build entrepreneurship.

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